Monday 3 December 2007

Days of our lives

I'm beset by SAD again. Seasonal affective disorder to be exact, a hallmark form of acute depression in the local population come winter. Dour faced workers facing long commutes in the longer hours of darkness. Aside from the seasonal festivities of xmas and boxing day sales, there's basically nothing else to aid the sanity of the distraught, sun-starved citizens of this emerald isle.

Apart from the onset of transient neurosis, life for me at least, has settled into a fix regular pattern. This consists mainly of me shuttling between four separate institutions for which I am now responsible for. Together with the fact that I am a bona fide postgraduate university student again since last October, instantly qualifies me an invite to the next WA (Workaholics Anon) meetup. I have to stress that I'm doing all this by choice, my own volition, so don't start any candlelight vigils for me. Yet.

What I'm trying to say is I'm dedicating this post to all workaholics out there, some whom I've met and others I have yet to meet. Stay sober!

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Shimi Lara said...

Glutton For Punishment (GFP) is more like it. Good for you! Time to get off that big backside bro and get on that's now or never.