Saturday 1 December 2007

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Dear sweet child, I have never known you but your smile now haunts me forever. The lost innocence that my country weeps for in your passing. The pangs of guilt still rippling through the lives of people whom you have touched. The anger and the hopelessness in the thought that the beasts are still free.

My thoughts went out to you whilst I stood there, silently by your grave. Stalks of fresh daisies wilting in the evening sun still perched on the wooden frame. Through whispered supplications, I bowed down in prayer. For my child, our child. Everyone's child.

In memoriam
Nurin Jazlin Jazimin
1999 - 2007

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Shimi Lara said...

I'm moving you to the Bloggers for Nurin Alert honour roll. My God, I did not realise the hibernating dinosaur is awake now? Wah, so happy. Your sis getting very into this as you can read. InsyaAllah, we can make Nurin Alert happen.